The SEO Solution for your Business

What’s the point of having the best site in the world if no one sees it? With proper SEO optimization, it will be highlighted on search engines.

We know what works, and what doesn’t

On-page SEO: For search engines to love your pages, they need to be built the right way. Internal structure, content writing, code optimization (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) are all criteria. We master them all.

Off-page SEO: A crucial part of your site’s SEO is…everything that doesn’t get done on your site. Linkbuilding, building authority and positioning on social networks are all key factors.

SEO: a misunderstood concept

What is an SEO expert?

An SEO expert is above all a technician. To optimize a web page, you have to know how to create it. It sounds obvious but too many self-proclaimed SEO experts don’t have these skills.op misunderstood

SEO, is it expensive?

Difficult to answer this question are to know the extent of your project and your objectives. An answer can however be provided: an SEO optimization will always be less expensive than a lack of optimization, your results (and therefore the performance of your activity) being potentiated.

How long to see results?

It is often said that SEO is the school of patience, and it is absolutely true. The first results appear within a few weeks, but to see the full potential of an SEO strategy, it often takes several months.

Should I promote SEO or advertising?

Big question! A few months ago, we would have replied that this strategic choice depended on your activity. Often, it is a mix of the two that we would have recommended to you. Only here… the price of advertisements (notably Google and Facebook ads) have skyrocketed. Those who have chosen a long-term SEO strategy have not seen any additional costs appear. It is this resilience that we want to offer you through our SEO services.

Does my site need good SEO?

We can safely assure you that, yes, your site needs good SEO. In itself, all sites would benefit from being more visible on the Internet. We can always imagine the case of the personal blog that we just want to share with our family, or that of the confidential site that only insiders are supposed to be able to find. However, there is little chance that this corresponds to your situation.

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Let’s summarize!

Often we provide comprehensive SEO audits involving all of these points. Sometimes only some are needed.

Strategy Creation

Let’s find the best SEO strategy for your webstite, business and activity.

Content optimization

Knowing how to write is one thing. Knowing how to write for SEO is another.

Structural Optimization

The structure of your site is a key SEO element that will make it rank higher.

Code Optimization

Your site is made of lines of code… but are they optimized?

Backlinks Audit

The Internet a large interconnected network. Other sites should point to yours.

YOUR Checklist

We will teach you all so that you know how to manage your projects effectively.