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What we do

To create sites, visual identities or application extensions, we often go about it the same way.

Identity Definition

For a company or a product, defining a strong identity makes it possible to transmit messages. And it would be a shame to pass on the bad ones.

Strategy & Ideas

The second step is to define your needs. We attach great importance to this so that our creations really please you.

The Creation

It is only once we are sure and certain that we have identified your expectations that we move on to the actual design and development work.

What makes us different

A development company will often give you poor UX design quality. A design company will not necessarily be able to provide you with a computer product in working order. With CGEN, you benefit from a real range of skills which, when pooled, allow the creation of your projects in all their facets.

The design is in the details. However, we conceive the simplicity of it.

Work with us

Working with us means adhering to values of simplicity and efficiency. We sincerely believe that a successful site will make the user experience more enjoyable. We like to sublimate our achievements and therefore always make sure to combine two key facets of your projects: the product and the design.




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Travailler avec nous

Travailler avec nous revient à adhérer à des valeurs de simplicité et d’efficacité. Nous croyons sincèrement qu’un site réussi rendra plus agréable l’expérience des utilisateurs. Nous aimons à sublimer nos réalisations et veillons donc toujours à coupler deux facettes clés de vos projets : le produit et le design.




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