Web & Mobile Development

Sometimes you need to go further. We are here to help you.

We believe that the user experience goes far beyond the simple application. Our job is to connect you to your customers through innovative technological solutions, to help you meet their needs… and therefore yours.

Your Need
Its Design
Its Development
Its Testing
Its Deployment

Our Proposition

A Strategic Roadmap

Any development process requires a roadmap including defined objectives and deadlines. We follow it and give you regular feedback, with the possibility of bringing your opinion and your ideas.

Visual & UX Design

Your application must meet your desires. We thus give you the opportunity to take an active role in the creation of its visual aspect.


We work according to the agile development methodology, which implies great adaptability to your needs. At regular intervals, intermediate versions of the application will be presented to you.

A Follow-up

Deployment environment changes, software updates: there are many reasons why a project needs monitoring. We can offer it to you.

Do you have an idea in mind?

We are here to make it happen with you. Get in touch now to get the first information about your project. With CGEN, your ideas will see the light of day, and you will probably even find others.

The technologies we are using