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Do you have any ideas? Better yet, principles? Values ​​? That’s good, so are we.

Come and share your experience with us. CGEN is a web development freelance activity concerned with keeping up with the times. All ideas are good to take, and yours are probably more valuable than you think!

Do you want your work to have a real impact on the world? Want to help people grow their business? Participate in the economic growth of your region?

Well then, CGEN is the platform for you. With a desire for regional establishment, we help people around us to realize their dreams.

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Graphics & Design

Do you have a compass in your eye or, better, a mouse? Do you like creation and beauty? Become a designer at CGEN.

UX/UI designer

As a UX/UI Designer, you will:

  • Develop innovative graphical interfaces
  • Think of solutions to help users
  • Communicate directly with customers…
  • …as well as with the technical teams

Profile :

  • Having simplicity as a central value
  • A taste for collaborative work
  • Basic web skills
  • And more advanced in CSS / design
UX/UI integrator

As an integrator, you will:

  • Bridging the gap between developers and designers
  • Divide responsibilities between teams
  • Working towards the maximum portability of our projects

Profile :

  • Broad skills in web development and design
  • Listening skills, but also firmness
  • A sense of timing and time management
Graphic designer

As a Graphic Designer, you will:

  • Create visuals, infographics and images
  • Designate websites
  • Design application UIs

Profile :

  • Mastery of graphic design tools
  • Know how to convey a message to his creations
    Flexibility, ability to change direction during the project
  • And more advanced in CSS / design


WordPress has no secrets for you? PHP, JavaScript and Html are your playmates? Come share with our development team.

Full Stack Dev

As a Full Stack Developer, you will:

  • Participate in the development of web applications
  • Manage internal and customer databases

Profile :

  • JavaScript, PHP and HTMLT skills, as well as the main associated frameworks
  • DBMS skills
  • A taste for continuous learning
  • Rigor in development processes
WordPress Dev

As a WordPress Developer, you will:

  • Create websites from Visual Builders
  • Manage WordPress sites (updates, security, domain, plugins) for our clients
  • Develop theme plugins and features

Profile :

  • Design skills
  • Knowledge of the WordPress environment
  • Web development skills

Business development

Do you have a strong relational fiber? Do you like going on adventures and meeting new people? Welcome in the team.

Sales Representative

As a Sales Representative, you will:

  • Advise our clients and conclude contracts
  • Participate in fairs and events
  • Represent CGEN to our clients and prospects

Profile :

  • Having glibness, a talent for diplomacy
  • Be independent and persistent
  • Have a basic knowledge of IT professions
Community Manager

As a Community Manager, you will:

  • Manage our social networks, and those of our customers
  • Create online events
  • Create some content independently

Profile :

  • Humor, light-heartedness
  • Know how to target/archetype audience shares
  • Love modern technologies
  • Adaptable character

So, do you want to join us?

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