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Discover examples of web creation that we offer.

Please note that:

  1. Any existing model can be adapted to your needs.
  2. We have other templates to show you than those displayed on this page
  3. It is quite possible to create a personal model from scratch.


The aim will be to highlight factual expertise and know-how, without frills.


A reservation tool, a promotional video and thoughtful visuals for a strong identity.


The emphasis will be on the atmosphere, sometimes warm, sometimes more contemporary.

Makeup & Hairstyle

Different packages, a studio and achievements are presented here on a single page.


Here, the choice is that of a mosaic menu for unbeatable ergonomics and clarity.


This model will be as refined as possible, to leave plenty of room for the artist’s productions.

Natural care

With a clear description of services, this template will be suitable for wellness activities.

Construction & Building

Construction is serious business: like this site model, where the value of reliability is central.

Food industry

Baker, meat or wine specialist: you need a menu! In any case, this is the idea behind this page.